surPLUSSED Night Vision Parka

surPLUSSED Night Vision Parka


Made utilizing gulf war era night vision camouflage parkas, we have combined our main sources of inspiration military and athletics to create the incredible upcycled piece. 

  • 50% cotton 50% nylon
  • Custom chenille patches
  • Fishtail detail on rear with drawstring
  • Hood with drawstring
  • Drawstring at inner waist


Generously sized to fit over soldiers gear, this garment fits like one size larger

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Created circa 1983, the pattern was issued by the US Army and USMC on a two-piece overgarment set designed to defeat the Vietnam era Soviet-produced night vision equipment of the time. A thigh-length parka and baggy trousers were designed to be worn over the standard combat clothing, thus providing an additional insulating layer when temperatures dropped rapidly in the desert, as well as its intended purpose as camouflage. The camouflage scheme itself consists of a dark green "grid" design with small spots over a light olive green background. This pattern is distinctive because it is one of the first camouflage patterns created that was created to adapt to a technology and not just an environment like most well known patterns have been designed for in the past.